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Whether you are after long-term or short-term support, or even the tools to facilitate your perfect birth environment: you might find something here that you would like to book me for.



For Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

Being your knowledgeable friend and companion during pregnancy, labour and birth comes with great privilege.  The mothers made and babies born on my watch all remain in my heart forever.

I spend most of your pregnancy preparing you for the changes that can occur in your body, teaching you about labour and birth and preparing you for life with a newborn baby.  But I can also be there to facilitate the best support from your own partner or family members; helping them to help you.

My Birthkeeper Doula package includes:

  • Antenatal education sessions

  • Access to my library of helpful birth publications, namely the full AIMS UK collection

  • Birth planning sessions

  • Birth Pool hire (4 weeks) and demonstration

  • Breastfeeding and chestfeeding readiness antenatal sessions 

  • In-person lunch meet-ups and walks to discuss your needs

  • An on-call period of 4 weeks surrounding your due time

  • In-person support at your Birth

  • Visits following the birth



Support for mother & family

Adjusting to life with a new baby or babies can benefit from a helping pair of hands from a friendly face.  Breastfeeding is usually the most quoted reason for people hiring me as a postpartum doula, but I attend to anything that the mother needs from me.



In-person, authentic & gentle support

Depending on your needs, I support my local community via a messaging/video call service, or, in-person.  If you have heard of me and would like me to work with you and your family from when your baby is born, or if you are tired of conflicting advice (or lack of) from your health service: please reach out to me.



for Home Birth

You can also hire one of my birth pools from me, for your birth, whether I am your Doula or not.  Supplies are limited, so please ensure you book early for the 4 weeks surrounding your expected birth time.  The pool hire comes with delivery by me (locally) and a demonstration of how to use it all.  There are additional disposable one-use items that I will direct you to online to go with your pool.

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When you don't require a Full Doula package

Perhaps it's a money thing, or perhaps you are comfortable with your birth team the way it is without me present. Either way, if you still feel that you need a good coaching session with me to offload any stresses or concerns you have during your pregnancy and birth planning period; I can be here for you. 

We can meet in person for these sessions - in a nice park or your favourite cafe, or even in your own home with your birth partner and other family members present.  These sessions can happen over the phone or video calling if you prefer.

Either book a 30-minute free call to see how these sessions can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis and how they will best serve you, or go ahead and select the full 2-hour block ranging from £85.00-£100.00 depending on location. 

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