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for Home Birth

You can hire one of my birth pools from me, for your birth, whether I am your Doula or not.  Supplies are limited, so please ensure you book early for the 4 weeks surrounding your expected birth time.  The pool hire comes with delivery by me (locally) and a demonstration of how to use it all.  There are additional disposable one-use items that I will direct you to online to go with your pool.

Hire costs are £65 for 4 weeks, with the opportunity to arrange extra time if needed.  The rental of these Birth Pool In A Box pools is subject to you only using their branded liner as this ensures the warranty for my professional-grade pools remain intact.

I stock the Regular (largest) and the Mini (still quite big) sizes. 


Please use this form to express your interest in hiring a birth pool from me.  I use the date that you are 38 weeks pregnant as a starting point for the 4-week hire. However if you feel that you would like to customise the dates of this 4-week window that is entirely up to you! 
Once I have checked availability I will get in touch with you to confirm your booking and a suitable time to deliver.

Pool Size Required

Thanks for submitting!

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